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John's Technology and Engin of Cooling and Heating
(JTECH) is a leading provider of specialized engineering and technical services in the industry.
We specialize in delivering state-of-the-art solutions in HVAC, commercial refrigeration, building automation,
fire safety, security systems, and innovative smart building technologies.
Over the years, JTECH has established itself as a trusted engineering ally and preferred supplier to central government institutions,
the Beijing municipal government, and esteemed agencies including the Beijing Public Security Bureau and Fire Department.

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JTECH Awards and recognition

JTECH is at the forefront of crafting innovative solutions in HVAC,
commercial refrigeration, building automation, fire safety,
security systems, and intelligent building designs that prioritize comfort,
intelligence, and energy efficiency.
Our exceptional engineering services, spanning areas such as mechanical and electrical installation,
photovoltaic power generation, solar water heating, and boiler installation,
have garnered acclaim from esteemed clients including the National Judges College,
China Opera and Dance Theatre, Air Force Equipment Research Institute, China Mobile,
Xinhua News Agency, Beijing Public Security Bureau, and the Fire Department.
Throughout our journey, JTECH has been honored with numerous accolades in the industry.

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Service Philosophy

Service Philosophy

JTECH aims to be your trusted engineering partner in HVAC, commercial refrigeration units, building automation systems, fire safety and security, and smart building solutions. They provide high-quality technical products and customized engineering solutions. They strive for excellence, keep their promises, and offer safe, reliable, and efficient professional services.

Facility and Equipment Maintenance Services

JTECH provides customized services like debugging, inspection, repair, upgrades, and maintenance based on the operational status of the client's equipment. JTECH engineering experts offer system diagnostics, predictive analysis, and other professional support. Their engineering team provides 24-hour consultation, on-site, and emergency services.

Professional Solutions and Engineering Services

JTECH is dedicated to providing optimized HVAC, refrigeration system, and building automation engineering solutions. Whether for home or commercial users, JTECH experts will help you find the best technical products and suitable system engineering solutions and services.


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At JTECH, our dedicated and professional team forms the core of our success.
United by mutual respect and trust, we work collaboratively, harnessing our collective expertise every day.
Together, we are committed to shaping environments that are not only comfortable but also intelligent and energy-efficient.