Industrial and Commercial Refrigeration Units

JTECH's selected refrigeration and compressor units, chillers,
and heat pump units can meet customers' various needs in industrial and commercial refrigeration control,
gas compression refrigeration technology, food processing and refrigeration, and large commercial air conditioning systems.

Refrigeration and Compressor Units

JTECH professionally selects refrigeration and gas compressor units for customers that can be widely applied in various fields requiring process cooling,
such as food and beverage processing, petrochemicals, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, coal mines, water conservancy, artificial snow venues, and more.

Chiller Units

JTECH can provide customers with water-cooled screw chiller units and centrifugal chiller units that use advanced design and precisely matched components according to actual needs.
JTECH's chiller units, sourced from our trusted engineering partners, incorporate internationally acclaimed commercial compressors. Drawing upon years of developmental expertise, these units offer efficient and reliable performance, coupled with user-friendly operation and straightforward maintenance.

Heat Pump Units

JTECH is at the forefront of partnering with cutting-edge engineering technologies to deliver top-tier heat pump solutions and services to our customers.
Our offerings encompass water source heat pump equipment, notable for its impressive energy efficiency within modern air conditioning systems; premium,
reliable water-cooled heat pumps known for their superior energy efficiency; eco-friendly ammonia heat pump units that utilize ammonia as their primary working fluid;
and a diverse range of integrated air-cooled chiller heat pump units designed for outdoor rooftop or ground installations.