JTECH offers a variety of top-choice HVAC products for customers that can be widely used in various buildings.
Products include residential central air conditioning, multi-linked commercial central air conditioning,
modular chillers, air handling units, and fan coil units.
We also creatively build professional custom HVAC solutions for customers with various special environmental needs.

Residential Central Air Conditioning

With the improvement of the home environment and people's increasing demands for living comfort,
functional small household central air conditioners have gradually become a favourite in the central air conditioning market.
Small household central air conditioning is one of the top choices for home central air conditioning.

VRV Multi-linked Air Conditioning

The VRV air conditioning system's outdoor main unit consists of an outdoor side heat exchanger, compressor, and other refrigeration accessories.
The terminal device is an indoor unit composed of a direct evaporation heat exchanger and a fan.
Its most significant feature is that it can achieve variable refrigerant flow according to indoor heat load requirements, achieving the goal of comfort and energy-saving through this adjustment.

Modular Chillers

JTECH's top-choice modular air-cooled chillers are energy-saving, water-saving, and environmentally friendly air conditioning equipment.
They are multi-functional, characterized by a simple system structure, small installation space, easy maintenance and management, energy-saving,
and have a wide range of applications.

Fan Coil Units

Fan coil units are the ideal end products for central air conditioning.
They mainly rely on the forced action of the fan and achieve the expected temperature control effect through the related functions of the cooling table.
JTECH provides customers with a variety of professionally customized fan coil unit engineering solutions.