Product Types

JTECH offers customers professional engineering solutions and advanced industry engineering services, covering HVAC,
industrial and commercial refrigeration units, building automation systems, fire and safety systems, and smart buildings.

JTECH Product Types


JTECH offers a variety of top-choice HVAC products for customers that can be widely used in various buildings. Products include residential central air conditioning, multi-linked commercial central air conditioning, modular chillers, air handling units, and fan coil units. We also creatively build professional custom HVAC solutions for customers with various special environmental needs.

Residential Central Air Conditioning

With the improvement of the home environment and people's increasing demands for living comfort, functional small household central air conditioners have gradually become a favourite in the central air conditioning market. Small household central air conditioning is one of the top choices for home central air conditioning.

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Centrifugal Water-cooled Magnetic Levitation Chillers

The centrifugal water-cooled magnetic levitation chiller integrates advanced and mature chiller technology: magnetic levitation bearings, compressor aerodynamics, frequency conversion devices, heat exchange technology, control systems, providing customers with efficient, environmentally friendly, quiet, and reliable use effects.

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Industrial and Commercial Refrigeration Units

JTECH's selected refrigeration and compressor units, chillers, and heat pump units can meet customers' various needs in industrial and commercial refrigeration control, gas compression refrigeration technology, food processing and refrigeration, and large commercial air conditioning systems.

Building Automation Systems

JTECH provides building automation system engineering solutions to help customers systematically manage interconnected electromechanical equipment in buildings, maximize equipment advantages and potential, improve equipment utilization, and optimize equipment operating status and time, thereby achieving customer goals of reducing equipment operating costs. JTECH's top-choice automation products cover all types of valves used in construction projects (including electric ball valves, electric butterfly valves, electric seat valves, balance valves, manual valves, etc.), thermostats, sensors, and controllers. Its rich variety and excellent quality can help customers meet various environmental and process needs.

Fire and Safety

With the deepening influence of networking and digitization, JTECH, in partnership with high-tech professional partners, creates an engineering system that seamlessly integrates security systems and building management systems for customers, bringing advantages such as efficient management, cost savings, easy expansion, and intelligent integration.

Building Intelligence

JTECH is dedicated to collaborating with top-tier smart building technologies. We tailor the synergy of building structures, systems, services, and management to align with our customers' specific needs. Our goal is to craft an environment that is not only efficient and comfortable but also intuitive and user-centric for our clients.